The following video is produced by Bright Light News. This video is an interview with Trish Wood a journalist who is speaking about governnment lies and the Crumbling Canadian Democracy. Democratic World Leaders have resorted to deceptive tactics, vilifying anyone who speaks the truth against them. Canada like other world democracies have the same method of Democracy as Nazi Hitler. Ordinary Canadians permit the parasitic government elites to set the rules, laws that are forced upon the ordinary people without consent. Domestic and World Democratic Political Parasites must lose total control of the ordinary people in order for the people to regain freedom. A Direct Democracy is needed that removes the political party system of government. For many it would be interesting to watch or maybe thought provoking.. Please un-mute the sound to hear the audio and expand the video to full screen if you like.
It is called:

Trish Wood.. Government Lies and Avoiding Accountability

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